Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

Sermons from previous Sundays

Below are Sunday audios from our 2020/2021 archive. Video Sermons are not included. These can be found on our YouTube channel:

Has Jesus Even Met a Child?
A Word in Season
When You Pray for Wind, Pick up your Oar
A City of Two Tales
Of Sparrows and Swallows- Ps 84
I am the Bread of Life
10th Commandment
9th commandment
Thou Shall not commit Adultery
Thou Shall Not Kill
A Kingdom You Cannot See
The Holy Spirit Interrupts- A service in church
We Will Be Together
Good Things That Are Unseen
We want to See Jesus- Palm Sunday
Luciana Breaks the Lectern
Hide it No Longer
Jesus Didn’t Navigate on Autopilot-and Neither Should You
More than a Matter of Feelings
And With Authority
Hurry Up and Stay
The Invitation
The Baptism of the Lord
Simeon and Anna
A Highway and a Place Called “Instead-of”
The Reign of Christ
Advent 2
When Did I see You Hungry?
Watching Tiptoeing From the Light
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
The Lamb Be Our Shepherd
In the Cleft of the Rock
No Refunds or Exchanges
A Song About His Vineyard
I Am From Ninevah
Turn Your Sails White
On Earth as in Heaven
Insight Carries Consequences
Not conformed but transformed 23/08/2020
The Extravagant Giver
Not For Private Consumption
Stumbling Across God in Our Stopping Place
A Sower Went Out to Sow
Take My Yoke Upon You
Under the Power of Love
Bring your Best to their Worst
Strangers on the Road
Make God Credible
The Ultimate Blessing- Trinity Sunday
Trinity Sunday Communion
Unregulated Overspill- Pentecost Sunday
Ink Heart
Putting Power to Work- Seventh Sunday of Easter (Ascension Sunday)
I am Asking- And the Wall is Down
A Spacious Place – Sixth Sunday of Easter
The Life of Pi
What are we Looking For? Fifth Sunday of Easter
Plant a Giant Sequoia Tree
Stones from a Parallel World
Can we Have More than we Need? (Fourth Sunday of Easter)
From the Outer Reaches to the Hidden Depths- Third Sunday of Easter
Road to Emmaus
A Living Hope- Second Sunday of Easter
Easter Sunday 2
Raised and Wounded
Easter Day
Good Friday 2020
Maundy Thursday 2020
Palm Sunday 2020
Palm Sunday 2020
29 March 2020
Jesus Wept
We were Blind but now we See
Sunday March 22 2020
March 2020

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