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Luciana is our minister. She works with a group of deacons, the secretary and church meeting (the members).

Luciana was inducted at WWBC in September 2018. She is married to Jaime and they have two sons in high school. In her spare time, she lets them drive her crazy. Crazy is good, after all.

Brian King

Brian king is our church secretary. He appreciates being a member of the church and is a very positive presence in meetings. He enjoys visiting cafes with his wife Kay and exploring the highways and byways- literal, historical, and imaginary.

Tina Parker is our premises administrator. She is married to David and they have a daughter, Beth. She is the person who ensures everyone gets along during the week. From taking new bookings to ensuring the premises are safe for everyone, Tina makes it possible that different charities can use the same space and continue to appreciate and even support one another’s work. When not working, she enjoys walking and gardening, going to the theatre and, most importantly, meeting friends for lunch!

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