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Hazel and Luciana work together in co-ministry, along with the pastoral worker, secretary and deacons.

Luciana was inducted at WWBC in September 2018 but has been a member at this church for a few years, having trained for ministry here. She is married to Jaime and they have two boys, one in high school and one still in primary school. In her spare time, she lets them drive her crazy. Crazy is good, after all.

moved to Worthing in 2006, when she exchanged the hills and valleys of South Wales for the sea and the Sussex Downs. She enjoys working with the church to develop a strong community presence and loves being surprised by unexpected connections and insights which come when diverse people gather to worship, learn and serve together in God’s world. If she had nothing else to do, she would spend her spare time in bookshops and coffee-shops, so it’s probably a good thing that she enjoys cycling, which doesn’t cost too much and keeps her on the move!

David Standing

David Standing has been our secretary for more years than you could probably count with an abacus! We were lucky when he returned to our church, where he had been as a teenager, due to a change of jobs that led him back to Worthing. It also led him to meet his wife, Christine, with whom he has a son and a daughter. Both now live in the Bristol area where it can be challenging to see the children and grandchildren as much as they’d like.

Tina Parker is our pastoral worker and premises administrator. She is married to David and they have a daughter, Beth. Her job is an interesting and varied one. Some days find her visiting folk who are unable to get out and about. On Tuesdays she runs our lunch club and if you call into the church office you might find her there! When not working, she enjoys walking and gardening, going to the theatre and, most importantly, meeting friends for lunch!

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