Sunday Services have recommenced in the church building – 10.30 a.m. every week. If you are returning, or if it is your first visit – Welcome!

We continue to offer online video reflections, audio recordings of the services, and other groups will continue to meet via Zoom. If you would like to join a Home Group, or take part in our weekly ‘Bible Chat’, please contact one of the ministers.

We are following a phased opening of our premises to the public, starting with the return of some pre-school and support groups, and look forward to welcoming more groups back into the rooms. The coffee bar isn’t available to sit and stay in quite yet, but please be patient, and we will get there, with some exciting developments as we work together with Superstar Arts to serve our community.

How we are still being church

The gospel teaches us that church is being together, serving one another and worshipping. It speaks of church as not a building but a group of people who live the life of the Kingdom of God, on earth, standing for its principles of fairness, love and compassion.

We are committed to continuing to be church by helping one another and keeping in touch with everyone, member or not, who are isolated. If you would like to be on our regular phone call list, please do contact us to let us know. If you are alone and think you might need assistance of a more practical nature, there will be people who are prepared to offer practical assistance.

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